The Configuration Of The Incoming Mail Server In Outlook

Outlook email setup

In Microsoft Outlook, the incoming mail server is ought to be setup for the proper functioning of the program and to be able to access mails in your account. The setup process can be done in a facile manner by adhering to the below mentioned Outlook email setup guidelines.


  • The Microsoft Outlook installed in your system should be accessed. File/Info should be clicked and Account Settings should be accessed. In the menu, a drop down list can be seen and the Account Settings option has to be clicked.
  • In the tab called Email, the New option will be present and it should be clicked. Then Email Account should be chosen. The Next button should be clicked.
  • The check box corresponding to Manually Configure Server Settings Or Additional Server Types should be marked and the Next button should be clicked.
  • Internet Email should be chosen followed by clicking the Next button.
  • From the Add New E-Mail Account window, POP3, IMAP, Microsoft Exchange or HTTP should be clicked followed by clicking the Next button.
  • Below User Information, in the field corresponding to Name, your name has to be entered. In the field corresponding to Email Address, your email id has to be inputted.
  • The internet service provider’s incoming mail server has to be inputted. This detail will be provided by the internet service provider.
  • In the field of the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), the address given by the internet service provider should be inputted.
  • Below the logon information, in the field corresponding to User Name, your username has to be inputted.
  • In the field of the Password, your password has to be inputted. The check box corresponding to Remember Password should be marked if your password requires to be remembered.

    incoming mail server

  • The Test Account Settings button should be clicked. To your account, Outlook will login and a test message will be sent. The information that you have inputted will have to be rechecked if the test turns out to be unsuccessful.

By following the above-mentioned Outlook email setup guidelines, the incoming mail server can be setup without any hassles. If any doubts or professional help is required considering the guidelines, you have to contact our customer support center. The customer support center will give you the required help tips and essential support so that the setup process will not turn out to be a failure.