Steps To Set Up Outlook To Check Your Office 365 Account

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced email applications that comprise of a list of user-friendly options that provide a comfortable messaging experience to the users. Although the application is available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite of applications, one can also purchase the email client as a standalone program.

You can also set up Outlook to check your Office 365 account by changing the Outlook setting. You can use the following instructions for this purpose:

  • At first, you need to click on the Start button followed by Control Panel. Make sure that here, the Control Panel view is set to Large icons.
  • Now, you can double-click on the Mail or Mail (32-bit) icon. Here, choose the Show Profiles option, click on Add and then name your profile. Now, click on OK.
  • Next, type in your name and email address followed by the password (twice). Now, click on OK.
  • Wait for the Outlook profile to set up. Once it is completed, you will get a new message on your computer screen.
  • Next, you need to make sure that you have selected the Always use this profile option in the Outlook setting. Here, choose the specific profile you have just created from the drop down list.
  • After this, you can click on Apply and then OK to make sure that all the dialogue boxes are closed.
  • This means that you are now ready to start using Outlook. For this, click on the Start button, enter Outlook into the search bar and then select Outlook 2010 from the search results.

    Outlook Profile

    Contact Outlook Support

  • The first time, you will have to enter your password. You can find an option here to remember your password. You can tick the box here so that you don’t need to do this each time. At any point of time, you can also contact the Outlook tech support team to know more about fixing the issues related to Microsoft Outlook.
  • Now onwards, whenever you open Outlook, it will take around a minute to download new emails and synchronize changes. However, during the first time, the synchronization process could take a number of minutes.

These instructions provided by the Outlook tech support team can help you to set up Outlook to check your Office 365 account. To get more information on Microsoft Outlook features, you may also contact our technical support team.

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Creating Folders In The Outlook Program

Outlook Help

Microsoft Outlook

Using folders will help you to organize the Outlook program more efficiently. You can think of a folder as a component of a filing cabinet. Using folders to store files of a kind will help you to keep the Outlook program more organized and neat. Instead of everything being thrown in the filing cabinet in a big stack, it is always better to organize the items into their own distinct folders. You will be able to create folders for your email, calendar, contact, and task items. The steps to make folders in the Outlook program are simple and can be followed very easily. The Outlook help tips that are shared below will help you to make folders in the program. Instructions

  • Make a folder in the Outlook email window by right-clicking on Inbox in Navigation Pane. Choose New folder and then add a name for the folder in the To field. Click on the Ok button and you will be able to notice that the folder appears under Inbox. You can use this folder to organize the items in the inbox. To manually move the items, select the item in the inbox and then drag the item to the folder, or you may create a rule to automatically move the items to the folder.

    Outlook Email

    Outlook Folder

  • Make a folder in the Outlook calendar section by right clicking on the current calendar in the Navigation Pane. Choose New Folder, type a name for the new calendar folder in the Name field, and then click on the OK button. You will now have a different calendar from the main calendar. You can use it to store the calendar items that you need separated from the main calendar.
  • To make a folder in the Contacts list, right click on the current Contacts folder in the Navigation Pane and choose New Folder. Type a name for the new contacts folder in Name field and then click on the OK button. You can use this contacts folder to store those contact items that you want separated from the main listing.

These are the steps to make folders in the different areas of the Microsoft Outlook program. The steps are simple and can be followed by anyone with basic computer knowledge. If you wish to get further assistance in completing these steps, you can contact our Outlook help and support team.

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Issues With Microsoft Outlook Calendar Reminders

Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most preferred email applications used by people. Since Outlook has many features that help in making tasks simple, people utilize Microsoft for official and personal purposes as well. Apart from sending and receiving emails, Outlook helps in managing calendars, notes and many other features.

One such feature, which enables a user to remember things, is the Reminder feature in calendars. In case you have a meeting every Wednesday, you can create a reminder that would pop up as per your instructions.

Instructions To Set Reminders

  • Open the Outlook application.
  • Click on Tools option to the top of the application, select the Clear the Default reminder check box to turn on or off the current meetings and appointments.
  • You can also instruct Outlook the amount of time prior to the appointment or meeting when you want the reminder to pop-up.

Next To Set A Reminder For The Existing Meeting Or Appointment

  • Open the appointment to turn on the reminder for the meeting opened, check the Reminder Box.
  • After this, enter the Time prior to the appointment when you prefer to get the Reminder.

One of the Outlook problems that the users face is when the reminder feature does not work. Here are the systematic instructions to solve the issue.


  • Launch the application, click on the Tools option and then select Options from the menu.
  • Highlight the Other tab, which is located to the top of the pop-up window, from which you have to click on Advanced Options.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Microsoft Office Problems

  • Click the button named as Reminder.
  • Make sure that the box next to Display The Reminder is checked. Hit on Ok two times to save the changes made in the settings.
  • Now close down the application by clicking on the X button to the upper right corner of the window.
  • Click on the Start menu and from the options available, click on the Run option.
  • In the space provided to type, type outlook /cleanreminders, and hit on Ok.
  • With this command, the reminder feature in Outlook will be repaired and would re-launch Outlook.

With these instructions, you can solve such Outlook problems but in case you need more help on the same, then look into our website and get more information from the frequently asked questions. Visit our website to get more information on the different features used in Microsoft Outlook.

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Steps To Set Up Calendar Appointments For Odd Months


Outlook Address Book

Outlook 2013 Issues

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most advanced email applications that comprise of an array of useful options available for the users. Some of these features include a calendar, journals and task manager option that help the users to successfully schedule their official meetings and appointments and also set reminders for their important dates. Along with this, Outlook also stores the personal and contact information of the users securely in specific files and folders. If the personal information is stored in personal storage tables or PST files, Outlook stores the contact information in Outlook address book.

As mentioned above, there’s an option in the Outlook setting where the users can set Outlook calendar appointments. Sometimes, you may want to set up appointments for odd months in a year. The procedure is quite simple and all you have to do is follow these instructions provided by our Outlook tech support team.

  • In the first step, you need to open your Outlook calendar. Now, you need to select the specific odd month to start this appointment by finding it on the calendar. It is always recommended to select the odd month that is most close to the current month because it will help you to schedule it easily.
  • Now, you need to point the cursor to the date on the calendar where you want this appointment to start. Now, you can double click on the option to open up the dialog box.
  • Here, you need to type in the required information such as your subject, location, start time and end time. Once you’re done, you can click on the recurrence option in the toolbar and select monthly in the Recurrence Pattern section of the dialogue box. At any point of time, you can also contact the Outlook tech support team to know more about setting reminders in the calendar.

    Outlook Calendar

    Outlook Features

  • Next, in the Outlook setting, you need to click on two options next to the word monthly that you chose previously. Here, you will see one option that says Day … of every … months whereas the other would say The … … of every … months.
  • Make sure you always choose the option that suits your situation the most.

By following these instructions, you can successfully set reminders for odd months in your Microsoft Outlook application. To get more assistance on the same, you may also contact our technical support personnel.

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Creating A Shared Calendar In Outlook 2003

Outlook Help

Help Sharing Outlook Calendar

From accessing emails to creating and assigning tasks for taking meeting notes, scheduling appointments and sharing calendar events with other users, Outlook helps you with each and every kind of task. This email client cum personal information manager manages an entire day’s of work without any hassles. Long before recent cloud computing programs that let users collaborate together on a project came into being, Outlook allowed a whole lot of features that let employees work together on a task.

The Calendar feature in Outlook is an extremely useful feature since it lets people manage their work without confusion or delay. You can edit your calendar details yourself to know when you will be doing what and to set deadlines for different tasks. Probably the best feature of Outlook is its ability to share with different people. You can allow others to gain access to your calendar and set permissions, enabling them to either view them alone to determine when you are free, to changing them to keep you updated on the current details.

In order to share your Outlook Calendar, you can either contact our Outlook help staff or follow the instructions below.


  • Click on the Start icon that is located on the left hand corner of your screen. This will bring up the Start menu.
  • From inside this menu, click on Microsoft Outlook 2003 to open it. Depending on the performance of your system, it might take a short while to load the program.
  • Make sure that the Outlook application is connected with the Microsoft Exchange server so you can send and receive emails.
  • Click on the Calendar option and then click on the Share My Calendar option from the navigation pane.

    Set Permissions

    Calendar Sharing Feature In Outlook

  • Click on the Add button, which will bring up the Add Users dialog box. In the Type Name or Select from List box, you have to enter the names of each user that you want to add. Merely typing in first few characters will bring in all the details.
  • Once you have added all the users, you have to click on the Add button again followed by clicking the OK button to return back to the Share My Calendar window.
  • Select each user and click on the Permission Level you want to give them. Depending on the level you give, they will have the ability to either view the calendar alone or edit it.
  • Click the OK button to share your calendar.

If you still have any troubles sharing your calendar in Outlook, contact our Outlook help and support team.

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