Sent Emails Being Moved To Deleted Items Folder In Outlook

Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook Problems

Most of the Outlook users depend on this personal information manager to send and receive emails related to personal or work needs. Since Outlook contains all the necessary contact information, important emails and all the other necessary information, the owner would be in grave problem if he loses all these information. Therefore, it is necessary for every Outlook user to have a back up of the emails and other information. This might save you from unexpected loss of information and data. Various Outlook problems lead to loss of data, so it is important to take a backup regularly.

In case you are entirely dependent on Microsoft Outlook for all the important things regarding a business, you will have almost all the information regarding the business stored in this email application. This means that the sent items will have all the important emails along with the contact information of the same. At times, you might notice that the emails in the Sent Item folder end up in the Deleted Items folder. You would notice that every email you send would be in the Deleted Items folder other than the Sent Items folder. If this continues, then in the end you would end up losing all the emails that you send.

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Tools

Such situations might lead you to a condition where you lose all the emails, if you select the Delete All option by mistake. On the other hand, you would lose emails if the ‘Empty the Deleted Items folder upon exiting’ option is enabled. This might be because of two reasons. One of the reasons for this is due to a conflict between Outlook and the antivirus program installed in the computer. While the other reason might be due to a rule that deletes all the sent items and places them in the Deleted Items folder.

In order to get rid of this issue, check and clear any defective rule you may have applied. On the other hand, perform a scan on the various emails in Outlook, but before that, you need to disable the antivirus program. When you come across such issues, the backup of emails that you take would give you an upper hand. When you are not able to solve the issue, utilize the Deleted Mail Recovery utility to recover the deleted email messages. This utility will help you scan the Microsoft Outlook PST files and retrieve all the email messages deleted in the original format.

Corruption in PST files is the root cause of most of the Outlook problems. Hence, you may also run the ScanPST tool if none of the above tips helped.

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Setting Up A Mailing List In MS Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Outlook Distribution List

One of the cool things about using an email client is how it makes your daily emailing activities easier with the help of many tools and features. Once you have finished the Outlook email setup, you can start using these options and features with your account to reduce the office correspondence workload.

Using the Outlook Mailing List options

It is a common practice in offices to send out a common email or letter to everyone in the office. This will become necessary when you have to inform them about a change in the office policy or some management decision that is applicable to everyone. This means you have to compose the same message repeatedly and send it to all the employees in the office.

Of course, there are many other easier ways to do this without composing new messages for everyone. One of the options is to use the mailing list feature in MS Outlook. A Mailing List is essentially a list of all the email addresses, to which you need to send that message. The Outlook email setup for creating such a mailing list is very easy. Just proceed as follows.

Go to the Outlook main toolbar and click-open the File menu. Select the New option and then click on Distribution List from the opened menu. A new Untitled Distribution List window will now appear on the screen. Go to the Name field and type in a name for this new Distribution List and save it. You can use the Save and Close button if you are planning to add the names later.

MS Outlook

Contact Outlook Support

For adding contacts to this new Distribution List, click on the option Add New. This option is used for adding a new contact to the Distribution List. If you are planning to add the email addresses already saved in Outlook Contacts, select the option Select Members. Once you have added all the contacts to this newly created Distribution List, use the Save and Close button to exit from the wizard.

Now, go back to the Outlook main toolbar, select File >New >Mail Message to start composing the message. Here, select the Address Book option and choose the Contacts option from the opened menu. Select the created Distribution List from the list of contacts that appear. Select Ok to add this list to the To field of the message.

Now, type in the message and click on the Send button. The message will be delivered to every email address mentioned in that list.

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Procedure To Resolve Outlook Freezing Problem

Outlook Problems

Outlook Issues

Microsoft Outlook, the popular email client developed by Microsoft, is usually used for business communication purposes. Outlook can actually be considered as one of the most important communication tools. So, when there are issues in Outlook, it can annoy users a lot. One of the common Outlook problems experienced by users across the globe is the freezing issue.

Dealing with the problem

You need to determine when the freezing started. Sometimes it may be after a particular change like a toolbar or add-in installation. Or, the problem might have started after you configured your antivirus or firewall for some email scanning purposes. You need to undo any such changes for resolving the freezing problem and fixing Microsoft Outlook.

If a toolbar installation caused the problem, then you need to launch Outlook and then navigate to Tools and Trust Center. You need to highlight the Add-ins tab and then click on the GO button for viewing the installed extensions. Click on the box next to the add-in that you wish to remove and then click on the Remove button. This should fix the problem.

Sometimes, turning off RSS Feeds that are not being used for a long time can also resolve the issue. For that, go to the Tools tab, and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu. You need to highlight the RSS Feeds tab and then click on the Remove button. Then, you can confirm the removal process.

Fixing Microsoft Outlook

Fix Outlook Problems

If it is a virus problem, you can run a full system scan delete any infections hampering Outlook functioning. Some viruses can be hidden in a spam and phishing mail, and may be the cause of the freezing problem in your Outlook application as well. So, enabling a potent antivirus and firewall can help there.

You can also download and install a free registry cleaner for cleaning up the Windows registry. This can be useful sometimes because the Windows Registry can become clogged with unused, empty registry keys and entries of various programs in your system. These corrupted entries can make Outlook freeze often. So, run a registry cleaner program, and fix the problem.

Finally, you need to delete all the unnecessary emails or attachments from your Outlook email client application. It helps to get rid of most Microsoft Outlook problems.

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How To Block Emails From An Unknown Sender In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Setting

Outlook Setting

Many a times, you will find your Outlook inbox filled with emails from unknown senders. You spend a good amount of your valuable time locating such emails and then deleting them. By blocking these email senders, you can save yourself from this tedious job. Follow the below methods to see how to block a sender in your Outlook email client. The steps require you to edit the Outlook setting. If you are not familiar with managing the Outlook email settings, seek the advice of an expert.

Instructions (method 1)

  • Open Outlook and navigate to the Home tab, which you can spot at the top of the window.
  • Click on the Junk button and choose Junk E-mail options from the dropdown menu. This will open up a new window labelled Junk Email options. In the window, go to the tab titled Blocked Senders and choose the button labelled Add. Consequently, the Add Address dialogue box will appear on the screen.
  • Enter the email address of the sender whom you wish to block. After typing the email address, select the OK button. It is possible to block emails from a particular domain name as well. For this, type the domain name in the Add address dialogue box and select the OK button.

Instructions (method 2)

If you find the above method complicated, here is a simpler method.

  • Launch Outlook by double-clicking the Outlook icon on your desktop.
  • Go to inbox and locate the email message from the unknown sender.
  • Highlight the message and then navigate to the Home tab and click the Junk button.
  • Choose Block Sender option from the dropdown menu.

    Outlook Email Application

    Outlook Email Setup

  • Outlook will prompt you now to confirm your decision to block email messages from the selected sender. Click OK to proceed.

There is yet another method to block email messages from unwanted senders. Here is how.

  • In this method, you will not modify the Outlook setting to block the messages from the unknown sender but make changes in the webmail account settings instead.
  • Login to your webmail account that you have set up with Outlook.
  • Go to the Settings and navigate to the option where you can block messages from specific senders. Remember, the steps may vary depending on the webmail account you use.

You must have successfully blocked emails from unwanted senders in your Microsoft Outlook email application. If you decide to unblock the sender after a while, feel free to do the same.

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How Can Outlook Help You With Time Management?

Outlook Setting

Configure Outlook Setting

It is unfortunate that people highlight only the emailing feature of Outlook, forgetting to see its multiple other features. In reality, emailing is just one of the Outlook features. The application contains many other features which include calendar, folder sharing, task management, scheduler, etc. With the help of these Outlook features, you can manage your valuable time more effectively and efficiently, here is how.

Outlook Calendar for time management

After emailing, Calendar is the most frequently mentioned Outlook feature. The Outlook calendar can be configured to manage your appointments by making necessary changes in the Outlook setting. It is also possible to store your private and public appointment details in Outlook calendar. Furthermore, the calendar has a built-in add-in that works as a time management tool. Users are free to add extra add-ins to Outlook calendar to streamline its overall features.

Outlook reminder

The Outlook reminder utility is ideal for people with multiple appointments. The reminder helps you mark all of your appointments, meetings, and tasks in detail and be reminded of them on time. Moreover, the Outlook reminders can be associated with other Outlook utilities such as Outlook Calendar, Task manager, Address book, etc. In latest Outlook versions, the reminder utility has modern features such as ability to set visual or audio alerts.

Using Outlook utilities for personal purposes

Outlook is mostly regarded as an application for office or social communication rather than personal communication. However, the application is integrated with several good features that make it quite easy for one to tweak it for personal purposes. The application is extremely user-friendly in this regard.

Outlook Reminder

Outlook Features

The Outlook privacy options can be utilized for both professional as well as personal emailing. Once a certain feature in Outlook is configured for personal use, other Outlook users won’t be able to view them. For instance, under normal circumstances, an appointment you set up in one of the Outlook utilities would be visible to other users. However, if you set up the appointment as private by tweaking the Outlook setting, it wouldn’t be viewable for other users. The intention is that your privacy is respected.

With its finest features and simple user interface, Microsoft Outlook has turned out to be the best application among Microsoft Office suite applications. Best of all, Outlook enjoys excellent technical support from Microsoft. Users with any Outlook issues can contact the tech support desk of Microsoft and get his/her issues fixed in real time.

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