Procedure To Remove Or Uninstall AVG Toolbar

Remove AVG Toolbar

Remove AVG Toolbar Info

Browser toolbars are supposed to be productivity enhancers. Yet in fact, most toolbars that are glued to the internet search context are more of a liability than an asset to overall browsing experience.

There are many quality toolbars, which serve the purpose of assisting the online search process such as that from Google, Yahoo, or Bing. But, the problem with most browser toolbar is the unsolicited changes they make to the browser settings. All the browser settings are personal preferences, and so, any alterations to that can be annoying. For that reason, most users prefer not to have a toolbar.

Most of the time browser toolbars barges in to the system without the knowledge of the user. This happens more often unwittingly, when the user overlooks a checkmark next to a toolbar install, which comes bundled with any downloaded third party software. The software may be useful, but the toolbar they are promoting may not be at all.

Getting rid of AVG toolbar

In this article, we will see how to remove AVG toolbar. AVG toolbar is usually installed to pre-scan websites that you are about to visit, and helps to check whether they are safe to get into. Agreed, using AVG Security toolbar does enhance the security of the system, but you may not like the browser real estate being invaded by it.

Another annoying aspect about this toolbar is the fact that when we install a program it may trick you into installing other stuffs as well. So here is how you can remove AVG toolbar from your computer.


  • First, you need to close Firefox or Internet Explorer browser on your computer, if running.
  • Then, run AVG installer program you used earlier to install the toolbar. In case you are not able to find it, click on the Start button, and then go to Control Panel.

    Third Party Software

    How To Remove AVG Toolbar

  • Open Programs and then click on Uninstall a Program link. Locate and click on the AVG installer link from the list populated.
  • Thereafter, select setup type as Repair installation. You will see that the AVG Security Toolbar installer window appears on the screen. Uncheck the Recommended – Yes I would like to install AVG Security toolbar checkbox.
  • Click on the Next button and follow the instructions carefully to complete the procedure.

This would remove the AVG toolbar from your system. It is quite depressing to see AVG removed, as it is a great antivirus program. But, when it resort to devious, sneaky and lowly tactics to get you use various tools that very often tricks you, you have no choice but to remove it.

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Instructions For Setting Up The Outlook.Com Signature

Outlook Setting

Outlook Email Setup

Most of the webmail services including allow you to set up a signature at the end of your outgoing emails. Your signature can include your name, contact number, email address, location, postal code, workplace, official website address, blog details etc. Obviously, this is the easiest way to let your email recipients know about your whereabouts instantly without contacting you back for the same. After setting up your signature in the Outlook setting, you do not need to add it to your outgoing emails every time.

Setting up signature in gives you the simplest option to set up a signature. It contains rich signature formatting styles. The following instructions should help you set up a signature in right away.


  • Load the sign-in page of on your browser. Once the page is loaded, enter your login credentials in the respective fields and click the Sign in button. This will take you to the home page of your account.
  • Now, navigate to the settings gear from the home page and choose More email settings. You can see this option in the menu that appears.
  • Choose the section labelled Writing email and specify the signature formatting and message font.
  • After that, go to Personal Signature option and enter your signature details there. Remember, the details you add here will be displayed as your signature in all your outgoing emails.
  • Now, go to the section labelled Personal Signature and specify the text formatting there.

    Set Up A Signature

    Outlook Help Desk

  • After specifying the text formatting options under the personal signature section, apply the changes by clicking the appropriate buttons in the toolbar.
  • If you have to make certain texts bold, highlight the texts and press Ctrl+B keys on your keyboard. This will make your texts bold.
  • If you want to send any emails as plain texts, you have to send the emails with the help of plain text. When you send emails this way, will revert the formatted texts to plain.
  • Make sure that your signature does not exceed five lines of text. An ideal email signature consists of 3 to 5 lines of text.
  • If you want to add any signature delimiter in your signature, be reminded to insert them as you wish.

You must have successfully set up your signature. You can disable it at any time from the Outlook setting.

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Synchronize Your Outlook Accounts With FolderShare

Outlook Help

Features Of Outlook

Many of you might be using Outlook on two or more computers. In such situations, the emails received on Outlook program on one computer may not show up on the other. This is because the emails that are once downloaded to your Outlook account in one computer will not be downloaded for the second time in another machine.

However, it is important that all the emails should be downloaded to Outlook programs configured in all the computers. So, how can you achieve this? In order to achieve this goal, you need to install any of the third party tools that allow you to do this synchronization process and one such tool that you could rely on is FolderShare.

This is a free tool in the market, which will help users to synchronize their Outlook programs in different computers. In order to achieve this goal, you need to install FolderShare on all computers that have Outlook configured in them. During the installation process, you will receive a pop up message that asks you whether you have an account. If you choose the button ‘No’, it will ask you to register.

According to Outlook help center, it is necessary that FolderShare should be installed at least in two computers for it to work. When the installation finishes, select the button ‘Sync My Folders’ in the program on the main computer. Next, go to the location ‘C: \ Documents and Settings \ USERNAME \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft \ Outlook’.

Outlook Settings

Outlook Email Configuration

Right click on any vacant spaces in the window and choose the option ‘New’. Select ‘Folder’ and give it any name. Repeat this process on all computers. This application has been taken over by Microsoft and is now part of Windows Live. Therefore, the tool is no longer available as a standalone program and if you wish to use it, you will have to download Windows Live.

Now, if you do not wish to install FolderShare on every computer, then change the Outlook settings and configure the program with IMAP. Most of the accounts would be configured with POP3. However, if you can change the settings and configure it using IMAP, you can synchronize the emails effectively. A major drawback is that not all the service providers support IMAP. Therefore, contact your service provider and find out whether the account supports IMAP or not. According to Outlook help blogs, users may also use any of the cloud services like SkyDrive or Dropbox and access the PST file.

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Outlook.Com Gets Offline Access For Android Phones

Outlook Help

Microsoft Outlook Express

In a tender to roll out more features for the Android phones, Microsoft has started giving out updates on Outlook.Com app for Android phones. These features would make it easy to access emails, give a new user interface with many colors and many more. Visit the Outlook help page to know more on this.

The latest update of Outlook.Com is added to the latest version This lets users access emails at any point of time with the new feature of server-side search. Before the update was rolled out, Android users did not have this feature and could read only those mails that were downloaded to the device. One of the most important update with Outlook.Com is unlimited sync. This sync feature synchronizes all the email history with the device, which lets the users to access email messages even when they are offline.

Another feature rolled out among the other features is the alias support. In case the user does not want to share his or her email id with others, then he/she can make use of the alias account while sending messages from Outlook.Com. There are eight different options for the users to choose from that enables them to change the color of the interface. This feature is already available with the webmail services of, now available on Outlook.Com app for Android devices.

Some of the other features include the way in which you reply to notify your absence to the office people. There is also Outlook help for traditional Chinese language. The Outlook.Com app is now available on Play Store from which you can download it on to your Android devices. The app is yet to come on iOS devices, whose release is expected very soon.

Advanced Rules

Microsoft Outlook 2007

Back in the month of May, Outlook.Com had introduced some major features such as the Advanced Rules feature to manage the account. The features let you set certain rules so that you can manage your inbox. The best thing is that you can combine existing rules and create a new one; anyways the feature is very flexible. This Advanced Rules feature also lets the user chat with a friend who uses another service.

Another feature that was most appreciated is the simple download for Skype video chatting services to the current Outlook account, thus combining Outlook with Skype. Microsoft is striving to bring in more features for its users so that they can make the best of the new technology and work efficiently.

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Azure Customers Experience Various Troubles With The Service

Microsoft Problems

Microsoft Cloud Services

Microsoft’s cloud computing infrastructure, Azure has encountered a major setback with several issues in its service. Last week, Microsoft Azure experienced numerous outages that resulted in the failure of the service. Many users could not access the service because of these outages. Mostly, users in Japan, Brazil, and US were hit with these Microsoft problems.

The issue first with Microsoft Azure was reported on August 8. These reports mainly highlighted the problems in accessing management portal and Virtual Studio. Japanese customers were the first ones to be troubled by the outage. The major blow was on the company’s Japan East data center. The software giant addressed the situation, and said that these Microsoft problems were only ‘partial performance degradation’. However, the company could not fix the issue until Monday.

The various issues experienced by customers included auto-scaling issues while using Azure and with the virtual machines. Azure management portal was the other system that was down on August 8. Users who tried to log in to the system received the error message ‘Error 500′. Nevertheless, according to some ‘Engineers’, such users were able to login to the systems with a second try.

Later in the day, more troubles followed Azure. Customers in the western US region experienced issues that lead to interruptions with the backup services, and cloud storage services. On the other hand, in Brazil, the issues with Microsoft Azure service popped up on August 11. There, the intermittent connectivity issues with the service lasted for about four hours. This led to the failure of services in the southern part of the country. Microsoft said that the issue was associated with the network infrastructure and nothing was wrong with Azure.

Storage Services

Microsoft Online Tools

Yet on August 12, more troubles followed Azure. This time, it affected users in the eastern US, and concluded that the ‘partial performance degradation’ in the data flow, as said by Microsoft, was not the actual reason. One of the other Microsoft services affected during the period was Visual Studio Online. Users who were troubled with the service said that they experienced extended execution times and latency with the program. However, this issue was fixed within a few hours.

Azure services were released in way back in 2010, and this cloud-computing platform is a huge hit until now. Earlier, it was known as Windows Azure, which was recently rebranded as Microsoft Azure. But, the repeated Microsoft problems, can interfere with its reputation. Let’s wait and see what Microsoft has in the bag for Azure.

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