Dealing With Password Problems In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Problem Solving

Password problems do rarely occur in email client applications like Outlook. Usually, the user who sets up his email in Outlook enables the application to save the password. However, this is not a good choice if you computer or Outlook is being used by others. Well, if you come across any password problems while using Microsoft Outlook, here are some useful steps to fix the problem. For any other Outlook issues, visit the Microsoft Outlook problem solving page and find respective solutions for the issue.

Open Outlook in Safe Mode

Running Outlook in Safe Mode is one of the easiest solutions to fix most of the common issues with the application. When Outlook is opened in safe Mode, no external services or add-ins will be enabled. Therefore, you can easily figure out whether the issue you are facing is being originated from Outlook itself, or due to any other services. If the problem does not occur when you open the application in Safe Mode, you can conclude that the issue is triggered by any of the plug-ins or add-ins you have installed.

How to open Outlook in Safe Mode

Follow the below instructions to see how you can open Outlook in Safe Mode.

  • Navigate to the Start button and choose Run from the resulting menu.
  • In the Run dialogue box, type exe/safe. Proceed by hitting the Enter key on the keyboard.
  • This will open Outlook. You will not find it much different from Outlook opened in standard mode. The only difference here is the application will not be supported by any external services here.
  • Navigate to the email accounts you have set up in Outlook and try to connect it. If you do not face the password problem any longer, you should assume that it is triggered by any of the plug-ins or add-ons you have in the application. Try disabling the each plug-in to find out the plug-in that causes the password problem.

Update your email account password in Outlook

Password Problems In Outlook

Each time you update your password from the web interface, you should make sure that the changes are reflected in the email settings in Outlook as well. Failing to do so will lead to frequent password problems.

You have seen a few steps about how to deal with password problems in Outlook. If the issue persists or if you are faced with other Outlook issues, visit Microsoft Outlook problem solving page.

Setting Up Outlook Email

Outlook Email Setup

Using Outlook to manage your mail is a study in ease. But this might not be the case if you are new to the functionalities this program offers. Or, if you are on this side of your first Outlook email setup. Here are some tips for you to start using the email client in your PC.

Get started

When you are doing your first installation of Outlook in your computer, it asks if you want to make it the default email program. Choose Yes if there is no other similar program you have installed. Check with your ISP or email service provider to see get the relevant details you will need to enter for the initial configuration. What you need mainly are the incoming and outgoing email server addresses. These need to be entered at the time of setting up your webmail account.

If you are doing this later, you can bring up the panel from the Tools menu, where you need to then choose Account Settings. After the Account Settings window has come up, type in your name and account information, as obtained from the respective provider.

If you are not sure of what to do after the Outlook email setup, hit Go from the menu at the top. This will let you select from among options including mail, calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. Also, on the lower left of the screen are four icons you can use for these functionalities. Click on one to move the window or dialog for that specific function.

Using Outlook

One of the buttons for a comprehensive set of functions, New, lets you start with the creation of a mail message, contact, appointment, and a task or a note. Hit this menu option add the top of any of the windows under the four functions mentioned above, and the new item will open up immediately.

You can sort the items for convenience of viewing, and then click on the label on the top pane, after which you hit a key on the keyboard. The items are then sorted, and Outlook, display everything which start with that character. The Mail Navigation pane, for instance, has a sorting feature under To. Click on this and type the first letter of any recipient or sender’s name, and your mail will automatically be pruned to display only the messages sent to or from these contacts.

How To Address Outlook 2010 Does Not Load Error

Outlook Troubleshooting 2010

Are you often fed up with your Outlook application because of frequent problems in it like slow loading or not loading at all? Microsoft’s email client application Outlook is often criticized for these problems. Nevertheless, it continues to dominate all other desktop email client applications due to higher-level compatibility and ease of troubleshooting. If your Outlook application fails to load when you try to, here are some steps that you can work out to fix the problem. Note that the steps given below are for Outlook troubleshooting 2010.

Launch Outlook in Safe Mode

By opening Outlook in Safe Mode, you can point out the causes of many common Outlook problems, and oftentimes, fix them outright. Launching Outlook in Safe Mode does not mean you should restart your PC in Safe Mode though. Here is how to open Outlook in Safe Mode.

  • Go to the Start Menu and select the Run
  • When the Run command prompt screen appears, type or paste exe/safe in the text field and hit the Enter key on your keyboard. This will launch Outlook in Safe Mode.
  • If you are executing the above command in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can simply execute the command via the Search option in the Start Menu.
  • When the Outlook is launched in Safe Mode, navigate to the Help section and choose Detect and Repair option from the resulting dropdown options. Alternatively, you can navigate to Help followed by Office Diagnostics.
  • If the above method does not fix the issue, try resolving it using your Outlook installation disc. If you have installed Outlook through your Office suit, use the Office suit setup disc instead. Also, be sure to update your application.

Remove all the unnecessary add-ins

Outlook 2010

Many times, corrupted Outlook add-ins creates a number of Outlook problems; including ‘Outlook does not load’ error. Try disabling some of the suspicious add-ins, one at a time, to find out whether the issue is caused by any of them. After pinpointing the corrupted add-in, remove it. When done, run an antivirus check on your computer to remove any malicious leftovers.

These are some steps for addressing ‘Outlook does not load’ error. Learn more on how to deal with common Outlook problems by visiting the Outlook troubleshooting 2010 support site.

Tips For Fixing Common Outlook Calendar Issues

Microsoft Outlook Problem Solving

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is an efficient tool that can be used to store, update and schedule appointments in both computers and handheld devices. The most common causes for errors with the Outlook Calendar are multiple instances of the program and improper synchronization, among others. Some useful tips on how to go about Microsoft Outlook problem solving when you face issues with calendars, appointments, schedules or reminders are given below.

Duplicate Entries

There are two main reasons why duplicate appointments appear in Outlook. One would be caused if you run Outlook twice or more times when the synchronization process is going on. It would also be caused if you restored the Exchange folders unknowingly. Use the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keyboard shortcut to open the Task Manager window. Click on the Processes tab. You can sort the list by name, simply click on the Name column. Locate and click on Outlook.exe and then click on End Process. You need to make sure that only one instance of this file is left in the window.

Missing Appointment Entries

This issue occurs if you deleted the Outlook Calendar appointments using your handheld device and synchronized it later on. The Calendar can show only the dates that were available before and after synchronization. The default setting is such that the appointments that are old in the handheld device are deleted automatically to save storage space. The items that are deleted when the synchronization process is ongoing will be lost and cannot be recovered. You may have to manually set the handheld device to keep appointments always. In case you need to free up space, use the AutoArchiving feature.

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Reappearing Reminders

This is one of the annoying glitches present in Outlook. It keeps popping up reminders for events that were already dismissed. If there are many old events, the user keeps getting reminded about each one of them. This issue is found to be prevalent in Windows Mobile 6, Outlook 2003 and Windows XP devices. Exchange Server 2003 users can fix the issue by disabling the ActiveSync feature.

Folders Damaged

If the Reminders folder is corrupt or damaged, you would not see the Calendar reminders as scheduled. To successfully receive alerts, ensure that Outlook is running and that you have chosen the Calendar or Task folders to save reminders. If you still cannot access reminders, it means that the folder is damaged. To fix this, clean up the Reminders folder. Go to Start, then Run, enter outlook/cleanreminders and then OK.

Create a backup of Calendar and Contacts before you go ahead with Microsoft Outlook problem solving using any of the above-prescribed methods.

Learn To Create Folders In Microsoft Outlook

Outlook Setting

MS Outlook is one of the email clients extensively used by Windows users for both personal and official emailing. It is a great tool that helps you manage your communication with everyone. Apart from managing emails, there are many features in Outlook such as note making, scheduling meetings, managing calendars and many more. Out of the many features that help in organizing emails, creating folders is a very useful one. You can treat these folders as a cabinet to fill components.

Here are some Outlook setting tips to create folders in Outlook. You can create folders for task items, contacts, emails and calendars.


  • Click on the Start button to the lower left of the desktop. From the Start menu, click Microsoft Outlook.
  • When the Outlook window opens, to the left side pane, you will find inbox, right click on the same. From the options select ‘Folders’. You can type a name for this folder in the To Click on Ok.
  • You might find a folder beneath Inbox. With the help of this folder you will be able to organize the Inbox. You can move certain email that is associated with the folder name and can be moved to the folder. It is as simple as dragging and dropping emails from the Inbox to the folder. On the other hand, you can set a filter that would automatically move certain emails to the folder created.
  • You would find Calendars in the left hand side pane of the Outlook window. Right click on ‘Calendar’ and from the menu choose the Create A Folder Give a name for the folder and then click on Ok. With this, you have created a separate folder apart from the main calendar. Use the folder in order to separate certain calendar entries into another folder.

    Microsoft Outlook

  • Do the same for Contacts. Right click on ‘Contacts’ on the left side pane. From the menu, click on Create A Folder, give a name and then click on Ok. In case you want all the office contacts in one folder, you can name it Office and move all the contacts to this folder.
  • Last but not the least, you have Tasks, right click on the ‘Tasks’. From the menu, click on ‘create a folder’ and then click on Ok. Use this folder in order to separate certain tasks from the main folder.

Follow the above stated Outlook setting carefully so that you can manage Outlook all the more easier.

Procedure To Fix Microsoft Outlook ‘Unable To Create File Attachment’ Problem

Outlook Problems

Microsoft Outlook is one of the greatest ever email management software developed by the software maker, Microsoft corporation. Though the email client is great, there are possible issues that might occur while using the email client. So, Outlook problems are not uncommon. While making use of the email client, there was a strange problem that occurred while some users were trying to make an attachment inside an email message. Each and every time when you try to open the attachment from the email you may receive the error message.

Whenever you are in such a situation, you need to right click on the folder you wish creating the file in, and then you need to click on the ‘Properties’ on the shortcut menu for checking your permissions for the particular folder. Actually, much fortunately, the problem is easy to fix. First, there is a little background information you may require on what the problem is.

The user opens email attachments making use of the same name many times over a period of time as a result of a certain job function or the workflow. The user might be accessing a public folder using email notifications consisting of the same attachment they need to open on a regular basis for Outlook to view. Each and every time when an email attachment is launched, Outlook creates a cached copy of the attachment within a Microsoft Outlook OLK folder (which is temporary).

This folder is created using a random name and therefore, it is very different for every user. You will be able to find the location by viewing the registry key from user’s profile that is based on their Microsoft Outlook version. On the internet, you can find the details of location of this folder for all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Here is the solution for Outlook problems happening due to this error.


First, you need to browse to the Outlook Temp OLK folder and then you need to delete all

Outlook OLK Folder

files that looks like: <attachment name>(number). Usually the list of cached attachments is not really cleared out automatically. Because of the long file names, the cached attachment name is unable to grow any higher and therefore the file creation stops and notification regarding this error is sent to the user. When the cached files are cleared out and Microsoft Outlook is rebooted, the user can again be able to open the attachments the way they used to do before.

Disabling Content Filtering In Outlook Email Client

Outlook Problems

As we know, Microsoft Outlook is an email client application that finds application everywhere, from enterprises to home computers. It is capable of handling several email accounts at the same time, making the program useful in workplaces and business ventures. It has several enterprise oriented productivity suites that help users, especially in work environments.

Outlook features a wide range of customization options, making it most suited for business needs. Moreover, unlike webmail services where spam filters are limited, Outlook has an extremely customizable Junk Email Filter that provides a high level of protection against both spam and junk emails. You can set the level of protection that will decide which kind of emails will be distinguished as spam and which emails will be classified as true email.

For example, if you select the option High, the spam filters would weed out most emails that are sent by recipients outside the sender’s contact list. However, chances are, you might not receive important emails that might accidentally get stuck in the Junk Email Folder. If you set the filter settings to Low, a lot of junk mail will come and flood your inbox. Clicking on junk emails can even cause some Outlook problems, which is why you should be very careful about the emails that make their way to the inbox. Here’s what you have to do to set the Outlook filter.

  • Open Microsoft Outlook and then click on Junk from inside the Delete group.
  • Click on the option Junk E-mail Options from inside the drop-down list. This will open up a separate Options window.
  • From the list of tabs, click on Options. It will display the level of junk email protection you currently employ and also displays the list of protection level accessible.
  • Click on No Automatic Filtering radio box in order to completely disable email filtering.
  • Click on the Apply button and then hit OK to close the Junk email window.

    Microsoft Outlook

Once you perform this action, Outlook will no longer filter your emails. Other alternatives to disabling the filter include using the Outlook’s Blocked Senders feature. This way, you can specifically disable a particular sender from sending emails. Click on the Blocked Senders tab and then click on Add to enter specific email addresses and domain names of the spammers. Once you save the list, the senders in the list will not be able to send you emails.

If you come across any Outlook problems, you can contact our tech support team to avail further troubleshooting instructions.

Set Up Your Road Runner Webmail Account In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

There are many ways to improve productivity. By organizing all the available means of communication you have, you can enhance the productivity largely. Outlook has a special place among the various means of communication methods available today. Being the best email client application, Outlook simplifies your email communication. Furthermore, it lets you maintain an exhaustive address book. Another important thing with Outlook is that it is possible to set up any third party email account in it. In this article, you will find Outlook email setup steps for Road Runner Web Mail.


  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File tab.
  • Choose Account Settings followed by Account Settings again.
  • Select the New option from the Account Settings screen. This will initiate Add New Account wizard.
  • Ensure that the checkbox before Manual setup or additional server types is selected. Continue by selecting the Next button.
  • Next, set POP or IMAP as the type of email and click Next to proceed. It is recommended to choose IMAP over POP as the former would leave copies of the messages in the server. So, you can access them from other devices later on. Occasionally, you may want to access your Road Runner account from a different PC and certainly, you ought to access it from a web browser rather than Outlook. If you had set IMAP as the email type during the Outlook email setup, you would find copies of all the messages in the inbox.

    Best Email Client Application

  • There are three different sections that you need to fill in with appropriate information. These sections are Account Details, Server Details and Login Details. Fill in each section with appropriate information. Consider contacting the customer support desk of Road Runner Web mail if you happen to come across any questions.
  • Once you are done with filling in the information, click Next to go to the next step.
  • Select Test Account Settings now. Outlook will initiate a verification of the information you have provided. If the verification completes successfully, you will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to close the confirmation message.

You are ready now to start sending and receiving emails in Outlook through your Road Runner Webmail account. Import all the contacts from your Road Runner account to Outlook so that emailing through Outlook becomes easier. Feel free to contact our tech support desk if you need further assistance.

Microsoft Releases New Outlook For Mac Ahead Of The Full MS Office Suite Release

Outlook Help

We already knew that Microsoft was working on a new MS Office version for the Mac OS users. However, they have now released the Outlook for Mac version ahead of the MS Office suite release. The new features and options included in Outlook help to improve the overall performance of the email client and add many changes to the user interface.

About the new Outlook for Mac version

This was a surprise to many Mac users, since the new MS Office version for Mac is nowhere near ready yet. According to Microsoft, they are planning to release a beta version of the new MS Office for Mac within the next few months and the final version will be released a few months after that.

It is a common policy of Microsoft to delay the release of new versions of their software programs for the rival OS platforms. The latest Outlook and MS Office suite programs are already available to the Windows OS users. However, Microsoft recently announced that they are planning to reduce this time gap between the release of Windows and non-Windows versions of their popular software programs like MS Outlook, MS Office, etc.

The new Outlook Mac version looks much different from its predecessor because of the new Metro user interface. In fact, Microsoft is overhauling all their software programs, making the user interface more touch screen-friendly. However, this Outlook for Mac version is only available to the Office 365 users at the moment.

In other words, you need to have an Office 365 account to use the latest Outlook for Mac application. Also, Microsoft is advising the users to delete all the previous versions of Outlook from the system before installing this new Outlook app to avoid unnecessary errors. So, if you are using the old Outlook 2011 Mac version, you have to uninstall it first.

Outlook Mac Version

This Outlook version meant only for the Office 365 users will support the Exchange Online service and also, the webmail service. It comes with IMAP support for adding other email service accounts like Gmail. Microsoft has improved the Outlook help features, especially the one for syncing the files and category lists. The Search function in the app has also been improved.

If you do not have an Office 365 subscription, you have to wait for a few more months until Microsoft releases the new MS Office suite for Mac. For now, continue using the old Outlook 2011 Mac OS version.