Set Up Your Road Runner Webmail Account In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

There are many ways to improve productivity. By organizing all the available means of communication you have, you can enhance the productivity largely. Outlook has a special place among the various means of communication methods available today. Being the best email client application, Outlook simplifies your email communication. Furthermore, it lets you maintain an exhaustive address book. Another important thing with Outlook is that it is possible to set up any third party email account in it. In this article, you will find Outlook email setup steps for Road Runner Web Mail.


  • Open Outlook and navigate to the File tab.
  • Choose Account Settings followed by Account Settings again.
  • Select the New option from the Account Settings screen. This will initiate Add New Account wizard.
  • Ensure that the checkbox before Manual setup or additional server types is selected. Continue by selecting the Next button.
  • Next, set POP or IMAP as the type of email and click Next to proceed. It is recommended to choose IMAP over POP as the former would leave copies of the messages in the server. So, you can access them from other devices later on. Occasionally, you may want to access your Road Runner account from a different PC and certainly, you ought to access it from a web browser rather than Outlook. If you had set IMAP as the email type during the Outlook email setup, you would find copies of all the messages in the inbox.

    Best Email Client Application

  • There are three different sections that you need to fill in with appropriate information. These sections are Account Details, Server Details and Login Details. Fill in each section with appropriate information. Consider contacting the customer support desk of Road Runner Web mail if you happen to come across any questions.
  • Once you are done with filling in the information, click Next to go to the next step.
  • Select Test Account Settings now. Outlook will initiate a verification of the information you have provided. If the verification completes successfully, you will receive a confirmation message. Click OK to close the confirmation message.

You are ready now to start sending and receiving emails in Outlook through your Road Runner Webmail account. Import all the contacts from your Road Runner account to Outlook so that emailing through Outlook becomes easier. Feel free to contact our tech support desk if you need further assistance.

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Microsoft Releases New Outlook For Mac Ahead Of The Full MS Office Suite Release

Outlook Help

We already knew that Microsoft was working on a new MS Office version for the Mac OS users. However, they have now released the Outlook for Mac version ahead of the MS Office suite release. The new features and options included in Outlook help to improve the overall performance of the email client and add many changes to the user interface.

About the new Outlook for Mac version

This was a surprise to many Mac users, since the new MS Office version for Mac is nowhere near ready yet. According to Microsoft, they are planning to release a beta version of the new MS Office for Mac within the next few months and the final version will be released a few months after that.

It is a common policy of Microsoft to delay the release of new versions of their software programs for the rival OS platforms. The latest Outlook and MS Office suite programs are already available to the Windows OS users. However, Microsoft recently announced that they are planning to reduce this time gap between the release of Windows and non-Windows versions of their popular software programs like MS Outlook, MS Office, etc.

The new Outlook Mac version looks much different from its predecessor because of the new Metro user interface. In fact, Microsoft is overhauling all their software programs, making the user interface more touch screen-friendly. However, this Outlook for Mac version is only available to the Office 365 users at the moment.

In other words, you need to have an Office 365 account to use the latest Outlook for Mac application. Also, Microsoft is advising the users to delete all the previous versions of Outlook from the system before installing this new Outlook app to avoid unnecessary errors. So, if you are using the old Outlook 2011 Mac version, you have to uninstall it first.

Outlook Mac Version

This Outlook version meant only for the Office 365 users will support the Exchange Online service and also, the webmail service. It comes with IMAP support for adding other email service accounts like Gmail. Microsoft has improved the Outlook help features, especially the one for syncing the files and category lists. The Search function in the app has also been improved.

If you do not have an Office 365 subscription, you have to wait for a few more months until Microsoft releases the new MS Office suite for Mac. For now, continue using the old Outlook 2011 Mac OS version.

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Find Out What Is New In Outlook 2013

Outlook Help

Microsoft Office Suite is a package that includes various programs like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, etc. Now, among these programs, Microsoft Office Outlook would be the most used program. Microsoft Outlook is an email client program that has large number of users all around the world.

So, what features make Outlook a favorite of millions? According to Outlook help blogs, this email program has a simple interface that is easy to work with. In addition, the program can be configured with majority of the email services without troubles. Outlook provides users automatic configuration method with which, all you need to do is enter the email address and password for it and the program configures the settings automatically. Even if this fails, you can configure Outlook settings with a few simple steps.

Microsoft has released several versions of this email program. With each release of Microsoft Office Suite, a newer version of Outlook program would be included. The latest version of Microsoft Office is Microsoft Office 2013 and the Outlook program included in this version is called Microsoft Outlook 2013. Let us find out what all features are introduced by Microsoft in this feature rich email client.

One of the major features of the program is that now, along with the subject line, you will be able to view two to three lines of the body of the message without opening it. This is a great addition to the program as you can decide whether to open the message or delete it just by viewing it from the inbox preview.

Outlook Settings

Microsoft has upgraded the Reply function of the program. With the earlier versions, when you click on the reply button, a new window pops up, when you enter the reply for the message. However, with Outlook 2013, you can reply right from the reading pane. This makes working with the program much faster. The program also integrates Lync IM in it and with this, you can initiate a chat with the sender of the email just with the click of a button. It is expected that professionals can benefit a lot from this feature.

Microsoft Outlook 2013 brings in another new function with which you will be able to view only the unread emails. You may delete, flag or mark as unread quickly. These are few of the newly introduced features of Outlook 2013. If you have any queries regarding the features of this version of the program, you may contact the Outlook help center or our technical support team for assistance.

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How To Move Outlook Email To Gmail

Outlook Setting

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client because it lets you handle and manage more than a single webmail account at any given time. Almost every email service supports this application. This means you simply have to configure the relevant Outlook setting, and then you can start using the email account without signing in on your browser. Google’s e-mail service, Gmail, is one of the more popular choices these days. You can easily set up your Gmail account for access through Outlook.

It’s possible to simply copy and paste your entire Outlook inbox into the email client as well. You can have the application connect directly with your mail account online, and send in the personal folders and e-mails. Either way, you’d be able to sync the email messages and create a backup inside your webmail account.

Transferring Outlook email to Gmail

  • Launch your web browser. Go to the Gmail homepage and type in your credentials to sign into the webmail account. Once you’re inside, go to the dropdown menu button with the gear icon, and choose Settings. This will take you to the settings page which will have multiple horizontal tabs. Choose the one labeled Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Under this, find and click the Enable IMAP button. Go to the bottom and hit Save Changes. What you’ve done enables the feature which lets you connect the account to Outlook.
  • Click on the Start button at the left end of the taskbar, and choose the All Programs menu. Find and click on the entry for Outlook, which will be listed under the Office Suite of programs. In the program window, go the Tools menu on the top toolbar. Choose the Import And Export item there.

    Outlook Email To Gmail

  • Once that comes up, choose Import from another program or file from the listed options, and hit Next. On the next screen, choose Personal Folder File (.pst) option and hit Next. Select the location for the PST file you wish to put the information in, and type in a name for this. Hit OK, and then Finish.
  • Right click on the Personal Folder icon and choose Copy. Right click on the Gmail icon and choose Paste. This will copy your Outlook email into the Gmail account.

That was on how to transfer your Outlook mail into your Gmail account. If you have trouble making changes to the Outlook setting, you may avail third party tech support.

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Steps To Create And Send Tasks In Outlook

Outlook Email Setup

Microsoft Outlook is one of the advanced email programs that comprises of a set of useful features. Be it the calendar, journals or task manager option, the features in Outlook enable the users to manage their personal and professional work easily. There’s also a tech support team that goes by the name of Outlook tech support, which troubleshoots and fixes the issues related to the Outlook email setup.

Some people often get confused over creating and sending tasks in Microsoft Outlook. If you also encounter such issues, you can use the following instructions to do the same:

  • In the first step, you need to click on the Tasks option in the lower left corner of the Outlook application in order to see all your tasks. There would be an option to sort out the tasks on the basis of subject, due date, category or flag.
  • Now, you need to click on the New Task button in the New group on the Home tab in order to create a new task followed by the Assign Task button. You can find this option in the Manage Task group on the Task tab.
  • You can now enter the name or email address of the specific contact to whom you want to assign the task in the To box. Make sure you enter a meaningful name for the task in the Subject box.
  • Once you have entered the name, the next step involves selecting the start date and due date for the task by typing the information in Start date and Due date boxes. Now, you need to choose a priority for the task by clicking the option in the Priority list.

    Outlook Application

  • Next, you can select the status of the task from the Status box by choosing an option among Not Started, In Progress, Completed, Waiting on someone else and Deferred” status.
  • You can also opt to select the Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list if you want to add the task to your Task list and update it automatically.
  • Once you’ve created the task, you can click on the Send button in order to send the task to the recipient followed by the Save and Close button.

These steps can help you to create and send tasks in the Outlook email setup. To know more about the features in the email application, you may also contact our tech support team.

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